Exquisite Corpse 2022 - Auction 11 - Jack Willow Peregrinate

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Bid on our original Exquisite Corpse artwork!

45 Artists, working in three groups, have collaborated to create 15 paintings in our Exquisite Corpse Painting Project. Each Artist paints one of three segments on the canvas without ever seeing more than a one inch strip of the other two Artists work. 

Three different artists took turns painting one section of a canvas; the ‘head’, the ‘torso’, or the ‘feet’.

Bidding starts at $50, and the auction will end at 11:45pm on October 28th, 2022.

NOTE: You must log in or create a McMillan Arts Centre online account before bidding. 

Auction 11 ”Jack Willow Peregrinate”

Artists that participated in this artwork:

    • Top: Jayden Emery
    • Middle: Adina Barugalo
    • Bottom: Cori Emery

    The canvas measures 12” x 36”



    Curated by Lead Artist & Project Coordinator, Pattiann Withapea.
    Jennifer Bate, Executive Director of the McMillan Arts Centre.

    Exquisite Corpse 2022 - Auction 11 - Jack Willow Peregrinate

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