MAC School – Art Bites – Telling Your Story – AM Sun Oct 2, 2022

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Oct 2 AM – Telling Your Story: Personal Storytelling with Marva Blackmore

Do you love telling your stories at family gatherings or to friends?

Would you like to learn how to tell those stories better?

How do you make them more interesting? Possibly more intriguing?

Join us for this fun morning.

Bring an idea for a story. OR

Bring a photo that has a story behind it. OR

Bring a story you like to tell but would like to improve your telling of it.

All supplies included in this class.

About the Instructor:  Marva K Blackmore is an editor, storyteller, and writer. She has told stories both nationally and internationally. She has delighted audiences at festivals, coffee houses and on concert stages. She leads workshops in Memoir Writing Using Storytelling Techniques. She edits fiction and memoirs for local area authors and has published three books about Memoir Writing

Date and time of class:  Oct 2nd, 10am-12pm, 2022

Location of class: Studio, McMillan Arts Centre

Maximum number of participants: 12

MAC School – Art Bites – Telling Your Story – AM Sun Oct 2, 2022

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