MAC School – Creative Kids – Join Us in the Forest – PM Thu Jul 14, 2022

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Join us in the Forest 

Ages 8-12

Create an old growth BC forest by drawing, painting, collaging and more. Instilling the love of our old growth forests in children by showing them how to create the beauty of the deepest darkest forests.

Instructor:  Juli Rockliff

About the Instructor:  Juli is a born and raised Vancouver Island artist inspired by the beauty of the island, a love of nature and gardening, animals and a love of sharing art with children;  Juli wants to inspire a lifelong love of art by teaching techniques easily recreated at home, so that young artists can experience many art forms to help inspire them to find their inner artist. Juli’s teaching style takes a carefree view of art to create works that include many different mediums. Acrylic painting is her chosen art form, but her experience also includes watercolors, sketching, cartooning and graffiti art.

All supplies included in this class.

Date and time of class:  Thu Jul 14, 2022  1-3pm

Location of class: Outdoor Tent Studio, McMillan Arts Centre

Maximum number of participants: 10

MAC School – Creative Kids – Join Us in the Forest – PM Thu Jul 14, 2022

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