MAC School-Art Bites-Ink Resist-10AM Sun Sep 24, 2023

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Art Bites – Ink Resist with Gordon Wilson
Sun Sep 24, 10AM-12PM

Ink Resist Drawing is one of the most fun methods of drawing which uses few materials and leaves the final result somewhat of a surprise during the final stage. The materials are basic; watercolour paper, gouache, a brush, pencil, and India ink.

The general concept is that the artist paints in the negative shapes using gouache (opaque watercolour) then coats the entire working area with a wash of black India ink. Once dry, the piece is held under a tap with water washing away the areas where the ink settled on the gouache areas. The end results are very unique and even the simplest drawing can look outstanding

All materials provided for this class.

About the Instructor:  Gordon Wilson enjoys taking seemingly complex art styles and making them accessible and easy to learn.  He has a degree in design and education  

MAC School-Art Bites-Ink Resist-10AM Sun Sep 24, 2023

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