MAC School-Art Foundations-Composition– Mon Oct 17, 2022 - 10AM

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Art Foundations- Secrets to the Art of Placement: Composition with Gordon Wilson

Oct 17, 2022  10am -3pm

Unravel the mystery and learn the tips and tricks of how to create balance, harmony and visual excitement in your art work using the secrets of composition provided in this class. 

Although these concepts may sound daunting, they are actually quite simple when presented in an easily understood manner. Knowing where to place objects in your artwork, what can stay and what needs to go, the importance of a central interest point, are a few concepts that can make or break a successful final piece.

In this course we explore these elements in order for you to get started on the right foot using demonstrations and practical application.

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About the Instructor:  Gordon Wilson enjoys taking seemingly complex art styles and making them accessible and easy to learn.  He has a degree in design and education and has taught in high schools for 15 years, as well as other venues.  Prior to teaching Gordon was a commercial designer and illustrator for 20 years working in television, publishing, and advertising.

Location of class: Studio

Maximum number of participants: 12

MAC School-Art Foundations-Composition– Mon Oct 17, 2022 - 10AM

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