Exquisite Corpse 2021 - “Squirming Connections That Uplift”

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zcollBid on our original Exquisite Corpse artwork!

Exquisite Corpse Collaborative Art Project is a ‘blind’ art project featuring 10 canvasses, each divided into three sections:  top, middle & bottom.

Three different artists took turns painting one section of a canvas; the ‘head’, the ‘torso’, or the ‘feet’.


Auction 7 “Squirming Connections That Uplift”

Artists that participated in this artwork:

    • Top: Liz Roy

    • Middle: Michelle Manke

    • Bottom: Natalie Miles

    The canvas measures 12” x 36”

    Curated by Lead Artist - Pattiann Withapea 
    Project Manager - Jennifer Bate - Executive Director of the M.A.C.

    Exquisite Corpse 2021 - “Squirming Connections That Uplift”

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