MAC School – Art Bites – Gouache - 10 AM Sun Feb 26, 2023

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Feb 26 AM – Gouache Painting with Gordon Wilson

A relatively obscure medium known mostly to commercial illustrators, gouache is becoming more popular due to its flexibility and forgiving nature.  Gouache is similar to watercolour, but it is opaque instead of transparent. This allows the artist to create a variety of results that go beyond traditional watercolour.

All supplies included in this class.

About the Instructor:  Gordon Wilson enjoys taking seemingly complex art styles and making them accessible and easy to learn.  He has a degree in design and education and has taught in high schools for 15 years, as well as other venues.  Prior to teaching Gordon was a commercial designer and illustrator for 20 years working in television, publishing, and advertising. 

Location of class: Studio, McMillan Arts Centre

Maximum number of participants: 12

MAC School – Art Bites – Gouache - 10 AM Sun Feb 26, 2023

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