MAC School – Art Bites – Pointillism – 10 AM, Sun Feb 20, 2022

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Feb 20 AM – What is the Point of Pointillism? with Terri Bowen

Sometimes called Neo Impressionism, Chromoluminarism or Divisionism, Pointillism was a popular art movement which is still powerful and very contemporary.   Using dots or patches of colours placed close together, you will create a beautiful acrylic West Coast landscape painting based on this technique.  A variety of tools will be used to create your work.

All supplies included in this class.

About the Instructor:  Terri Bowen (Bed, MA, Master Graphologist) is a long-time instructor at VIU Elder College and a new instructor at North Island College.  A retired principal of a Learning Through the Arts school in Calgary, she works in many mediums and formats, including mural painting.  Terri has won several awards for her artwork and does commission work.  One of her passions is travelling to see the famous art galleries of the world.

MAC School – Art Bites – Pointillism – 10 AM, Sun Feb 20, 2022

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