MAC School-Art Foundations-Soft Pastels Level 1 – Mon Nov 21, 2022 - 10AM

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Art Foundations-Soft Pastels Level 1 with Lucy Wallace

Nov 21, 2022 10 am-3pm

This course is intended to help you develop soft pastel painting in your own way, to build your skills and understanding in order to achieve your artistic goals.

We’ll start with the basics and progress to completing a landscape painting in soft pastels using a variety of techniques and effects. It uses a step-by-step approach, supported by the fundamentals of art, and to work effectively and efficiently.  Photo reference will be supplied.

Recommended Prerequisites:  Creative Imaging (Sep 12), Creating Visual Harmony (Oct 2) 

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About the Instructor:  Lucy works primarily in soft pastels. “I adore the medium - the feel, the luscious colours. I strive with every painting to match my vision for the subject, whether it be animals, birds, or landscapes. In my mind’s eye, I want to build an emotional connection with my subject in some way, to give it life. This has developed over time and continues to develop with every painting.”

Lucy, in addition to Master’s level education in both Health Sciences and Social Work, has a BA in Studio Art (U of S). She is a Signature Member of Pastel Artists Canada, a member of Pastellistes de France, Art du Pastel en France, and holds Active Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her multiple award-winning work is held in permanent and private collections in Canada and abroad and has been featured in many Canadian national juried exhibitions

Location of class: Studio

Maximum number of participants: 12

MAC School-Art Foundations-Soft Pastels Level 1 – Mon Nov 21, 2022 - 10AM

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