MAC School - Double Art Bites - Decoding Colour - Sep 8. 2024 -10 AM

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Double Art Bites - Decoding Colour with Margery Blom

Sun Sep  8, 10am - 2pm

Open the doors to how colours work together to affect our emotions and perceptions. Discover how to mix, match and create while unveiling the mysteries behind colour theory.
It is not just mixing, but knowing how to use what you have mixed that is the secret.
Accurately combining colours, using colour theory and how colours relate to each other are critical skills, not just for painters, but for designers, marketing, media production, psychologists and more!

In this four-hour class you will be guided through several colour projects that will include, identifying warm and cool tones, basic mixing, colour perspective, creating colour contrasts, uses of light and shadow and the psychology of colours.

About the Instructor: Margery Blom BFA is an oil paint artist specializing in scenes from Vancouver Island.  Margery displays in galleries all over the Island and is an active member of FCA.  You can find Margery as Resident Artist on Thursdays at the McMillan Arts Centre.

MAC School - Double Art Bites - Decoding Colour - Sep 8. 2024 -10 AM

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