MAC School - Art Bites - Eagle in Charcoal - Dec 8. 2024 - 10 AM

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Art Bites - Eagle in Charcoal with Twana MacArthur

Sun Dec 8, 10 am - 12 pm

"I have a love and passion for the majestic eagle .. with their golden eyes and massive wings soaring so high in the sky.

"In my class we will draw our eagle in charcoal and learn to use our blending techniques to bring our eagle to life on our paper."


About the Instructor:  Twana MacArthur is a local artist who considers herself fortunate to live in the Oceanside area of Vancouver Island. She is an avid painter working with many mediums including pencil, charcoal, smoke, pen and ink, watercolour and acrylic.  Twana enjoys incorporating natural elements in some pieces to enhance the dimension.  Her artwork often blends reality with imagination and fantasy.

Twana’s passions include storm watching and going on long walks to the many beaches and forests where all her inspirations come from.  She revels in the diversity of scenes found in beaches, mountains and forests.  She is most passionate about “her” eagles but has a fondness for all the wildlife.

As Twana immerses into her creations she finds peace, solace, and healing.  She continues to work in varied mediums as inspiration guides her.

MAC School - Art Bites - Eagle in Charcoal - Dec 8. 2024 - 10 AM

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