MAC School - Art Bites - Exploring Figure Drawing - Oct 6. 2024 - 1 PM

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Art Bites - Exploring Figure Drawing with Dorota Goede

Sun Oct 6, 1 pm - 3 pm

Not sure how to go about capturing the human figure on paper?  This class will help you unlock the secrets.  You’ll learn how to capture a quick pose that implies a 3D figure on paper using pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink pens or a watercolor brush.


The human figure, whether in motion or posed, is tricky to draw, but with knowledge of sketching fundamentals you’ll get the gist quickly and know how to keep practising. These techniques can be applied to anything you wish to draw in the future. While live drawing with a model is ideal, there are ways to do some practical exercises from images that will build your drawing muscles, and your development and practice can continue easily after the class.


About the Instructor:  Born in, Poland, Dorota studied Architecture before immigrating to Canada in 1981. She graduated with Honors from Architectural Technology Program in 1983 and completed her Bachelor of Architecture Degree at University of Toronto in 1989. Dorota received extensive education in drawing, completed courses in watercolors from Dundas Valley School of Art, and recently attended number of workshops with prominent artists. She loves learning and, with her 30 yrs teaching experience, is now delivering professional art classes as well as fundraising for local charities. She hopes to bring color and beauty into people’s lives.   

MAC School - Art Bites - Exploring Figure Drawing - Oct 6. 2024 - 1 PM

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