MAC School - Art Gems - Painting with Pencil - Sep 21. 2024 - 10 AM

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Art Gems - Painting with Pencil with Nicholas Pearce

Sat Sep 21, 10 am-2 pm

Painting with Pencil is a one-day class that teaches you to build a tonal image from just greyscale using Nicholas' scribble technique. 3D effects, even when using colour, are created by greyscale (the tone of that colour). This class helps you see how space is defined by tone: white, black and all the greys in between. You’ll use a single 3B pencil on watercolour paper and NO eraser. You’ll get to practice on newsprint before we do the final drawing and I’ll show you how to rework mistakes without using an eraser.


Greyscale is a guiding principle of my painting classes. Painting with Pencil helps you see its importance, and will improve your painting as well as give you a technique to produce finished works in pencil alone.


About the Instructor:  “I have been painting full time since my wife, son and I moved to the west coast from Calgary to live on our sailboat in 1983. Previously I was the illustrations editor for the Calgary Herald and I’m a proud dropout from the Alberta College of Art where I finished 2 years of the 4-year program in advertising.

“My foray into fine art started with painting realist watercolours of the light reflecting off water until I discovered my true passion, the female form and the magic of acrylic paint and the impressionist style."

MAC School - Art Gems - Painting with Pencil - Sep 21. 2024 - 10 AM

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